mardi 17 février 2009


"I haz a bug...
Sorry to have been absent for the last day or two.
I haz a bug and it was keeping me asleep for vast hours per day - energy has been zero.
But today I'm feeling much improved, and I'll be posting again soon, perhaps even tonight.
I've been applying my rudimentary French skills to provide a translation of a Guest Post by my French friend Christophe Cerniou, a keen, compassionate, and active observer of the French political and economic situation from his blog "JOURNALISTE EN RESISTANCE (le clavier remplace la STEN)"/A JOURNALIST IN RESISTANCE (the keyboard replaces the STEN).
His blog is here, in french, and here, in a Yahoo Babelfish quasi-translation to English.
See you again later or tomorrow with Christophe's report from France about the January 29th strike!
In the meantime, don't abandon me . . . I'm needy."

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